The Wisconsin Horseshoe Pitchers Association is a non-profit organization created solely for the promotion of organized horseshoe pitching in the State of Wisconsin.  It is a charter of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, NHPA, and therefore governs itself by standards set by the NHPA. Annual fall and spring meetings of the WHPA are led by an elected executive board and joined by WHPA members to promote and develop the sport of horseshoe pitching. The WHPA executive board consists of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer, each with their own duties and responsibilities to endorse the sport within the State. 

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The National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation was formed as a charitable public foundation to raise funds necessary to build and maintain the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association Hall of Fame and Museum. The NHPF continues to solicit tax-deductable contributions to preserve the history, showcase the present and build the future of horseshoe pitching, through grants and educational programs. Click the logo to learn more.