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Wisconsin Horseshoe Newsletter Subscription


A color version of the newsletter is free and printable from this website


A printed black and white copy is available for order

6 Issues Per Year $15

State Tournamnet Issue Only $2


Make checks payable and mail to:
WIsconsin Horseshoe Newsletter 
1481 180th Avenue 
Balsam Lake, WI 54810 





Jane Smith, Editor / Subscriptions 1483 180th Ave, Balsam Lake WI 54810 715-497-9833  


   Karla / Kevin Brekke, Layout


 Julie Paulson, Layout 


Gary Volz Publisher, Mail  


Staff/Webmaster Dave Volz

Justin Kern / Fred Lane

Column Specials / Proofers


Contributing Writers

Kevin Brekke, Karla Brekke, Mel - Sonia Cook, Dobie Gutweiler, Ken Heinritz, Fred Lane,

Justin Kern, Dan Newkirk, Jane Smith, Dave Volz, Gary Volz, James Wicklander

    Article Submissions:

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