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This is a group email service set up for Wisconsin horseshoe pitchers to send a group news message to other Wisconsin horseshoe pitchers.  Messages should be limited to horseshoe related topics such as an illness or the passing of a fellow pitcher, meeting updates, league and tournament information etc.  This is not a forum, any replies to a message will only go to the message sender.  The only people that will be able to send or receive messages are those who have their email addresses entered in the group.  To be a member of the group, send your email address to either or

To send a group message, you can click on the email Dodo emblem on the WHPA home page or simply send it to

No advertisements No outsiders

Send or receive WHPA email messages through

It's easy to do, put in address, enter message and send to the group.

To be added to the WHPA message group send your email address to either Dave Volz davevolz@hotmail or Fred Lane

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