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May 1st, 2021

Telfer Park Pavilion  Beloit, WI

The Jim Haupt Memorial Team tournament known since 1985 as Wisconsin Club Team was run by Jim Haupt for many years. It started as a competition between the best pitchers from several clubs from throughout the State of Wisconsin.  In 1988 there were 12 different clubs represented. There weren't enough bona fide clubs to service all of the interested pitchers and area teams were created. By 1990 as many as 15 different teams pitched in the annual event at the Watering Hole.  In 1991 it was split into 2 classes at Telfer Park in Beloit, with 3 classes by 1996 and later expanding to the current 4 classes.  Because of the expenses, for this tournament to continue to be successful, we need the number of teams to remain at or near where they are.  Having 4 classes of teams, makes each class more competitive with each other.  With the number of sanctioned pitchers and clubs down from what it used to be, there are a number of pitchers throughout the state that don't have any affiliation with a club.  I would like to encourage these pitchers to reach out to others in the same situation and form a team.  Maybe even encourage some non sanctioned pitchers you know to get sanctioned and participate.


$84 per team entry (payable to Dave Volz)

4 person teams (may have 5 on roster)

mixed distance pitchers

must have current NHPA membership

round robin singles

divided into classes by total team %

will use highest 4 averages for teams with 5 pitchers 

entry deadline April 21

schedule will be posted on WHPA website

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