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2022 World Tournament

We have 20 Whpa pitchers entered in the World Tournament this year.

For up to date standings on any of them, click on the Featured Events button below. Then click on the 2022 World Prelims button. Find the class that the pitcher you are looking for is in and click the information button. It will show the current standings for that class as well as the game by game score for each pitcher in the class. By clicking on the Game Details for each individual game it will even show the score sheet for that game. This will be updated in real time game by game throughout the tournament.

Sorry! Not going to happen in real time. There were problems getting all of the required software onto the WT server. So for now they will be updated daily on featured events.

Wisconsin Pitchers

Whpa world entrants pitching times 2022.png

The mens. womens, senior mens, senior womens and elders championships all start on Thursday July 21 and will also be under featured events, refer to the 2022 World Schedule for times.

Click on the live camera link below to view live pitching and the live score board.

Refer to the chart above for date, time and class then click on the assigned courts to view.

Womens Championships Sarah Chaffee, Penny Steinke and Aleena Lepak. 7/21-22 2 pm. 7/23 10 am. Courts 9-16.

Senior Womens Championship Cindy Castellano. 7/21-22 9 am. Courts 9-12

Click on court numbers below for quick access to live camera view.

Go to the Coverage page to view results as they are updated and other tournament information.

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