2015 State Tournament Site @ Platteville

                   Labor Day Weekend                 

          Entry Fee: $25   Registration Deadline: 7/31/2015

        Qualifying Rules:  BYLAWS - Articles III & IV

             Contact: John Secord, WHPA Sec/Treasurer

 W6868 Brown Road

        Fond du Lac, WI   54937

         (920) 922-0080

State Tournament Host Guidelines


   Fee MUST include the following:
    1. $3.00 per person for hosting the tournament.  (Bylaw Article VII, sec. 4B)
    2. $1.00 per game for scorekeeping. (Bylaw Article VII,sec. 3B) 

    3. $0.50 per adult pitcher to the WHPA Sec/Treasurer.  (Bylaw Article IX,sec. 1B, d.)

    4. Trophy costs. (Adult Classes)  (Bylaw Article V, sec. 3B)

               (Junior trophies and awards are sponsored by the WHPA  -  Bylaw Article V, sec. 5B, c.)

 *ENTRY FORM  ( Publish (3) months before tournament)

      Publication of entry form. Send to: WHNL Editor and WHPA Webmaster.  (Bylaw Article IX, sec. 1B, a.)

      Entry Forms to be addressed to WHPA Sec/Treasurer, John Secord.


     1. The Host Tournament Director will receive a copy of the entrants, who then will set up the Classes according to Bylaw Article V, sec. 2B, with prime time assigned to all Championship Classes.

     2. Mail The Schedule.  (Postal or Email)  Send a PDF copy to WHPA Webmaster. (Can, also, post on WHPA Bulletin)

     3. Send Results. Send to: WHPA Sec/Treasurer, WHNL Editor and WHPA Webmaster.  (Bylaw Article IX,

          sec.1B,d.)  Results should be done using the correct form such as "HS MASTER".


     The "tournament booklet" is to be published by the hosting club. Costs can be covered by local advertising. This is a time consuming job and must commence early in the tournament year. The booklet can be kept to a minimum of pages and costs covered by the entry fee. Host decides which process they want to follow.

     The Tournament Booklet "traditionally" includes: a Welcome, Past Champions, Pitching Schedule, Hall of Fame Inductee's information and picture, Hall of Fame members, WHPA Officers and pictures of Defending Champions. Past booklets have also had court etiquette, pitching tips, and a Friends of Horseshoe list. These extra pages can be determined by the hosting club. (Often times "traditional" pages in the booklet can be updated and utilized, saving hours of processing and setup time. Contact previous tournament host.

 * PUBLISH LODGING LIST  (Publish (6) months before tournament)

      List of local motels and campgrounds.  Send to:  WHNL Editor and WHPA Webmaster.


      The Host is expected to publize the Tournament in their area.


     The Host shall reserve a time for the Hall of Fame Award(s) and other WHPA Awards to preceed the Champion Classes.  The WHPA President shall be consulted regarding the time of day and anticipated

 length of Award Ceremony.


  NEED HELP !!!!
  Feel free at any time to contact your WHPA Officers or past State Tournament Directors for help.

 They can provide you with many helpful tips, hints and suggestions.